An-Sofie – Yoga Teacher

An-Sofie is a yoga teacher and vision coach. She loves to bring people in touch with their vision and their purpose and to help them reach their goals in a way that is sustainable and joyful. When you are able to live fully in the present and in your body while at the same time feel like you are naturally growing more and more into your goals at the same time, life becomes golden, exciting and starts to flow. She brings together elements for yoga philosophy, nature and positive psychology to serve as a guide on your way. Her style is very down to earth and starts from exactly where you, working with her is a very personal process of reorganising your life to clear up space for things that match your intentions and to make the necessary compromises and choices that come with living life your own way, from your center.

Besides this passion for holistically living your best life, An-Sofie is passionate about travelling, the beauty of words, sunshine, raspberries, Beyonce, rollerskating;  taking baths or swimming in the ocean.