Coworking Europe LisboaWe are happy to announce the fifth annual European Coworking Conference 2014 that will take place in the city of Lisbon, Portugal on November 24-25-26.

We are double happy because transforma bcn is present as an ambassador of the most insightful event in Europe regarding the rise of Coworking and its impact on entrepreneurship, innovation and, overall, the future of the workplace.

Coworking Europe 2014 is bringing together coworking space managers, entrepreneurial activists, experts in innovation, freelancers and anyone who has an interest in the coworking and creative sphere from all over the world to share their knowledge, expertise and ideas. There is an expected number of 300 to 350 attendees, whose profiles vary significantly from real estate developers to designers, from around the world.

With the number of coworking spaces growing significantly every year, the topic becomes more and more valuable.

The 3-day conference, held in a spacious cinema venue Cinema Sao Jorge, will take you on a journey of entrepreneurship, innovation and work:

Day 1 we will hold informative and inspiring talks by our brilliant guest international speakers. Some of them are Fernando Mendes from Coworklisboa (Portugal), Bill Jacobson from Workbar Boston (US), Damiano Ramazzotti from Talent Garden (Italy), Carsten Foertsch from Deskmag (Germany), Pier Paulo Mucelli from CoworkingLondon.com (UK), Antoine Van den Broek from Mutinerie Village (France), Manuel Zea from CoworkingSpain (Madrid), Takayuki Hagihara from ULSL (Tokyo), Magith Noohukhan from Xing AG social network (Hamburg, Germany), Sajid Islam from Hubdhaka (Dhaka), Sarah Drinkwater from Google Campus (London), David Canat from OuiShare (France) and Marc Navarro from CREC (Barcelona).

The topics will include an overview on the:

  • The coworking boom in the Boston Metro area and how Workbar built a network in the area.
  • How Bangladesh is betting on coworking.
  • Coworking as a corner stone to position Sarajevo as a digital entrepreneurship hotspot, as well as the Balkans.
  • The impact of the Coworking revolution on the real estate industry.
  • Business Centers, Incubators… Why coworking community and hospitality services will win in the traditional office industry.
  • Coworking as a key piece in the shared/collaborative economy
  • The art of managing coworking growth, without hurting the soul or the hosting quality.
  • Coworking now a must in any plan to nurture the development of new tech startup ecosystems. Why? How to move further?
  • Independent workers, nomadic employees: coworking spaces to be the “exoskeleton” of the new workforce generation?

To name a few..

Day 2 is the Unconference, a barcamp where assistants propose topics to discuss in groups and host various workshops too.

Day 3 will include an open space interactive workshop, an insider’s tour of the coworking spaces and incubators and other interesting spaces in Lisbon.

Not all is about work, we will party as well! The official party will take place right on Tuesday 25th at a unique architectural location Village Underground Lisboa, a creative venue that has been constructed out of shipping containers and buses and converted into office spaces and meeting areas. If you like to join the party, click here!

Coworking is gradually changing people’s perceptions and attitudes towards work and living. With the help of the coworking community of Lisbon you will get an opportunity to explore the world of collaborative projects, networking, shared knowledge and creative transformation towards the greater sustainable future.

Tickets are still available.

See you there?

Written By Evgenia Barsegiyan