Meet the team transforma bcnHave you ever wondered what it is like to run a coworking space? I am an intern at transforma bcn and from my experience, I can tell you it can be very intense but rewarding in so many ways. To give you the big picture, I will tell you a little about the people in charge at transforma bcn. The team of three, who are usually found at the front desk, will greet you nicely when you come in, makes sure to respond to any inquiry you might have and are always good for a joke. They are constantly working on improving the office to make your time here as pleasurable as possible. Their Agenda is filled with interesting events every month to create connections between coworkers and to make time for socializing and networking.

Meet the team that works hard every day to make this office so special!

Meet David:

David Esteban came to transforma bcn in July 2013 and is one of 9 partners at the office. He handles tasks such as administrational work, daily operations and problem-solving. Even though the numbers of coworkers have quintupled since David started running the office in 2015, his goal would be to achieve 100% occupancy. Although economic growth is important for a flourishing business, what genuinely inspires David to work hard every day, is to watch his coworkers achieve their goals. He finds beauty in this place in its uniqueness, which partly arose from the artwork created by people working here. When I asked David, what he is most proud of, he answered: “María and Martina, my team members, and all they have achieved so far.” Beside his team members, David also has a big heart for animals, the Catalan culture, reggae music, Buddhism, History and of course, for all of his coworkers.

Meet María:

María Rodríguez started interning for transforma bcn in July, 2014 and officially started working as part of the team in October, later that year. Her role has developed since she first started and she has taken on more responsibilities as time goes by. As she said, transforma gave her the opportunity to grow in a professional level. Currently, she works as a Site Manager handling a variety of different tasks. Furthermore, she is in charge of marketing and branding, social media and event organisation. María makes sure to provide a consistent and good service, to create an atmosphere at the office that is pleasant to be in. She is constantly organizing various events, to bring the coworkers together to build a sense of community at the office. Maria feels blessed to be surrounded by kind and driven people every day, it sometimes makes her feel like she is not at work at all. María is originally from Pamplona, after living in different places over several years she settled in Barcelona where all of her interests meld together.

Meet Martina:

In November, 2016, Martina Muises started working as the third member of the team. Her main tasks are image branding, design and social media. Furthermore, she helps to develop the space, works on different event contents with María, and generates new brand alliances. Most importantly, she focuses on creating a brand identity for the office, using her creative mind to make transforma bcn into a place that is recognized for its unique style. Martina really cherishes the socializing aspect of the office; there are so many people with great ideas to meet, socialize and network with. She has tried to create an environment where the coworkers can feel part of a community, where they are valued and taken care of. On a more personal note: Martina is originally from Argentina and now living in Catalunia; she is an artist with a creative, proactive and ever-so restless mind. In general, she is a very enthusiastic, curious and brave person, a traveller at heart and a food lover. These are the characteristics that make Martina such a beloved team member.

I have been an intern for transforma for two months now and so far, I have learnt a lot about coworking and especially about their office. As an intern, I do a little bit of everything and so I have gotten a broad insight into the coworking business. However, I can tell you, it is a never ending learning process. To run a coworking office, you need skilled people as there are so many different things to encounter; from administrational tasks, accounting, marketing and branding to interior design, event management and excellent people skills. David, María and Martina combine all of these skills together, they keep things running smoothly at the office and make up for any small deficiency with their charm. They are such caring people that treat all of their coworkers with kindness and respect and also have made me feel like part of the team since the first day. I couldn’t have wished for a better place to work!

Written by Kristina Babak.