Coworkation_blog_articleCoworkation is a new innovative project that emerged from the restless mind of Stuart Jones, one of the partners of transforma bcn. Stuart is Australian and so many other things, but overall he is a lifestyle entrepreneur who has co-founded 8 companies within the field of tourism around the world. His wanderlust has taken him to over 70 countries being the embodiment of location-independency. In Coworkation he has now found the perfect way to couple his two main passions: traveling and entrepreneurism.

You must be wondering, what exactly Coworkation is? As the word says, it is a mix between collaborating, working and vacation. At first glance, the concept might seem strange. People work all year long just to get these couple of stressless vacation days in the sun away from daily chores and working emails. And now they have to take their work with them?

But a coworkation is so much more than that. The higher purpose behind Coworkation is to create a perfect balance between working, free time and social life in an environment that flourish the ideas and motivation. Therefore, it cannot solely be seen as a new type of vacation. It is about community and networks, and most of all about inspiration. Coworkation gathers like-minded people to share their ideas, getting instantly productive and motivate each other to pursue their dreams.They will find themselves in an environment where they do not have to take care of anything else but focusing on their projects and getting inspired by beautiful nature, waterfalls and rice paddles.

Especially for those people, who cannot afford to send out “out-of-office” emails or those who simply need to “shift the curtains”, widen their horizon and get a new perspective, this type of working vacation can bring unknown results and more importantly give people access to a network of people who can help make great ideas even greater, while brainstorming under palm trees and by infinity pools instead of in a kale meeting room.

Are you in doubt? Then you should try it out yourself or read more about it here. Of course it requires that you are able to bring your work with you, if not it would literately be just a super nice vacation.”