How the essence of our city is the essence of transforma bcn

Barcelona and transforma bcn

It is no surprise that Barcelona has consistently been ranked one of the most reputable cities in not only Europe, but also in the world. The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, is known for its architecture and art scene, which is not only historically significant but also continues to be innovative and vibrant, and its thriving entrepreneurial spirit, which fosters startups, freelancers, tech innovation, and investment. The city is also known for its cosmopolitan environment, and finally, its fun-loving, friendly, and creative atmosphere. Here at transforma bcn, we embrace these characteristics that make Barcelona so unique and have incorporated them into the fabric of our working culture.

Our Creative Spirit

Barcelona’s architectural and artistic history dates back over 2000 years. As one walks through the city, one bears witness to Barcelona’s rich architectural past, from ancient Roman ruins to the Gothic quarter to the Modernist masterpieces of Gaudi. Barcelona is a center of artistic and creative life; it is home to many art festivals and a creative capital for emerging artists. At transforma bcn, artistic expression and creativity is a central aspect of our space. Since transforma bcn opened its doors back in 2014, we have hosted a number of art exhibitions both of our coworkers and of local artists in order to support our community. We have also formed artistic partnerships with our coworkers to highlight their talent; they have contributed to wall murals, window displays, and other artistic projects, in order to improve our space.

Our International Business Community

In contrast to the historic roots of Barcelona’s art scene, Barcelona’s reputation as the “startup hub” of Europe developed more recently. Barcelona is becoming home to a growing number of startups in the tech, gaming, biotech, and pharma industries, to name a few. Investors and larger businesses have also been attracted to the growing entrepreneurial opportunity and dynamic business culture. As a result, talented and innovative individuals from all over the world are flocking to Barcelona and helping to create a truly international city. The core of our mission at transforma bcn is to foster this multidisciplinary international community or professional freelancers and startups. At any given time, up to 50 per cent of transforma bcn’s coworkers are are international. Over 25 nationalities from Australian to Columbian to Dutch, are represented here at transforma. Our networking events and meetups, from after-work drinks to potluck lunches, are a great opportunity to share different cultures and international experiences and to meet a diverse range of professionals from all over the world.

Our Atmosphere

The atmosphere at transforma bcn is the same atmosphere that Barcelona is known and loved for. We are a laid-back and casual work environment that promotes the happiness, wellbeing, and productiveness of our coworkers. Our community is friendly, fun loving, and always happy to help each other. Transforma bcn’s mission is to create a collaborative atmosphere in order to encourage the exchange of knowledge between coworkers, enhancing their talent and innovation. It is our international make-up, our creative and entrepreneurial spirit, but most importantly this collaborative friendly atmosphere that makes transforma bcn the best place to experience Barcelona in the workplace.