Coworking Space

What is transforma bcn?

transforma bcn is a coworking space located in the heart of Barcelona in the Eixample District. transforma bcn is a meeting place for freelancers and entrepreneurs where they can develop innovative and creative projects.

Would you like to join us?

We are a multidisciplinary, international, and local community of professionals and startups. We are committed to sharing, collaborating and promoting an exchange of skills and knowledge, not only to advance our coworkers’ individual careers, but also to encourage synergies and new projects between them.

The aim is for you to leave home, give up the search for wifi around the city, discover our space, and meet our community…a place of collaboration, creativity, innovation, engagement and optimism.

Come and visit us!

Activities at transforma

At transforma bcn, we believe that the more comfortable you are, the more productive you will be. This is why we dedicate resources to making your work space dynamic and relaxing. At transforma you will find a ping pong table, hammocks, comfy sofas, and our bar-restaurant, Vivant, which is always ready for your break during the day.

To make the week exciting and to encourage a community between coworkers, we organize several activities each week. There are ping pong and soccer competitions, after work drinks, guest speakers, shared meals, etc.

However, we know that not everything is leisure! We put a great deal of thought into the design of useful initiatives for our transformers. We provide personal health opportunities such as yoga, stretching, and massage sessions. We also provide accounting advising for our freelancers and offer professional advancement opportunities such as marketing and communication sessions, etc. Our initiatives and program take place throughout the month and are announced in advance (through our newsletter) so that you can reserve the date in your calendar.

Opening Hours

We get up early: we open our doors at 9 in the morning and do not close until 9pm. We are opened Monday through Friday, though, upon request, we can make using the space on Saturdays possible.

During the 12 hours that transforma is open, you can choose the time frame that suits you best. We provide different plans so you can use your workstation as well as our other facilities when you need them.

Inspiration reaches you in the evenings? Are you interested in using the space for a week? Are you someone who prefers mornings?

Click here to see the available modalities.

We look forward to welcoming you into the transforma bcn community!

Vivant, our Bar

By passing through just one connecting door you will discover VIVANT, our bar, a pleasant place where you can have breakfast with good music, a coffee with a client, recharge batteries with a healthy lunch menu, or have a beer with other transformers.

At VIVANT we love life and that is why we like to cook with healthy products and traditional recipes. We prepare Mediterranean market cuisine, like grandma used to make, unpretentious but made with love. Come and try our salads or our fresh fish of the day.

By the way…we make one of the best coffees in the neighborhood!

The good news? The transformers have a discount on coffees, teas, drinks, and lunch menus. There is a special take away menu for coworkers for only €8,90 with a coffee or dessert included!

Exhibitions & Workshops

transforma bcn is also intended to be a springboard for all of our members to showcase their work and talents. We organize events that support our coworkers’ passions and professional pursuits: since we opened our doors we have hosted art exhibitions, artistic projects, furniture-making workshops, English classes, retro video game sessions, and much more.  

We don’t limit ourselves to only our own community: We pay attention to the creativity that arises from the city community as well. In our space support different artistic and creative initiatives and promote local artists.

Check out our agenda!

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork or organise a course or workshop, contact us!