Business Advantages and Saving Taxes being Location-Independen­t

16nov7:00 pm9:00 pmBusiness Advantages and Saving Taxes being Location-Independen­tNomad Talks

Event Details

For today’s nomadtalks we have put some beers in the fridge and invited two high class speakers:

– Shadi Halloun – Etools.io

– Johan Sjörgern – Tax Expert

1. How to Gain Business Advantage by being Location-Independent

Shady Halloun will speak about how companies with high ambitions can turn the location-independency to their favour and use it as a great business advantage.

Shadi has been working online for around 10 years now. He has built and sold several websites. His last job was being CEO of WafraMedia.

He left WafraMedia to start Etools a year ago, where he is the Co-Founder and CEO. Etools now has 7 full-time employees in 6 countries. more details about Shadi here: saasfy.com/me and on this Barcinno-article.

2. Tax savings for Location-Independent Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Johan Sjörgern is going to talk about how can we reduce our costs legally as a location-independent entrepreneur, paying lower taxes, use offshore companies and jurisdictions around the world.

Johan is Swedish currently living in Barcelona. He is a serial entrepreneur with focus on Financial Services.

He has many years of experience in planning, setting up and running offshore companies around the world. Johan is a Director at Freelancer Financial Consulting, a consultancy firm specialized in tax planning for freelancers. He will be giving a presentation detailing his top tax planning advice. The talk will include many things such as the most important areas about how to think when setting up your company, important questions location-independent entrepreneurs must answer for tax savings, and key tips on which jurisdictions is good and the important game changing laws arriving in the world right now. After the presentation, there is time for specific questions from the audience.