How to create effective content that ranks high

21mar7:00 pm8:30 pmHow to create effective content that ranks highWordpress and Marketing Barcelona Meetup

Event Details

We are happy to announce that we are hosting the WordPress and Marketing Barcelona Meetup this month, here at transforma bcn. This is a new group focused on learning valuable actionable Wordpress and Marketing tips that can be applied today to boost your website’s rankings and leads.

What makes this workshop unique? This workshop will provide you with new ideas for content for your website, including a guide to creating a plan for something that will work for sure.

The biggest marketing lie is the advice to “Publish great content and as much content as you can possibly produce. Then wait for the visits that will come because what you do is just great”.

It is wrong to think that you need to publish this much content as you will end up having 100 articles that result in too few visits, and seriously diluting your overall authority.

This isn’t productive for the SEO or for your business.

For example, blogs such as Backlinko or the SEO project get hundred of thousands visitors a month with 36 and just 2 pages on their whole sites, respectively.

Instead, what you need to do is to identify what you really need to aim to do is to make sure you create the best content on the internet and to rank for that. I’m not talking about amazing content, I mean crazily amazing content.

To build high quality links follow this 3-step process

1) What to create 

2) How to make it unique 

3) Link building

If you seriously want to increase traffic coming from search engines, then don’t hesitate to come over to transforma bcn on Tuesday! 

It will be fun!

You can sign up for this event through their Meetup Group by clicking this link.