How to Run a Company from a Land Rover

20apr7:30 pm9:30 pmHow to Run a Company from a Land RoverNomad Talks

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In the next Nomad Talk we will have Fabian Dittrich as a guest speaker.

When Fabian Dittrich quit his comfortable job working for a leading global startup, he could not have predicted it would lead him to start possibly the first nomad company.

In 2014-2015, Fabian drove across South America, while operating his startup out of the back of a Land Rover, while recording a web series called Startup Diaries. Taking the standard workday managing a startup, and compressing it to make time to create a web series, interview dozens of leading entrepreneurs, drive across a continent, deal with intermittent and generally poor wifi, and car troubles, all required creativity and innovation.

Through his now nearly 2 years of managing his company as he travels around the world, including the 8 months in a Land Rover Defender driving across South America, and now commuting between between South America, Europe, and Asia, he’s had to master the tools, and tricks needed to create very efficient workflows. In this workshop you will learn practical skills to work smarter, better manage your time and discover the tools that allowed Fabian to compress the 8 hour workday into only 3. Fabian will share ideas on using the right tools, on redefining how you think of work, and on how travel can inspire creative problem solving. You will also hear learn to master and create offline phases, prioritize effectively, get attention for your business, and more. And as a bonus, you can also expect to get inspired to pursue a more fulfilled, meaningful, and purpose driven life.

This workshop will be held in Spanish!

You can learn more about Fabian and sign up for this event by following this link.