23aug7:00 pm8:30 pmTIME, ENERGY AND TASK MANAGEMENT Time is finite, energy is renewable

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This month we are having a very interesting talk focused on how to be coherent and efficient in your time and tasks at work and bring balance in your life.

If this title is ringing a bell, it can be for two reasons: either you’re very busy all the time and pretty overwhelmed by it, or you are a master procrastinator and have the feeling of going nowhere. Or a subbtle mix of the two options! They are both really present in entrepreneurs, freelances or project manager’s life.

Both situations take their roots in the same places: bad energy and poor time management, disorganization, struggling to set priorities, a lack of vision, and often, unconscious avoidance mechanisms…. Good news! You can shift this, by using simple tools that will make you understand your natural rhythm, know how to organise your time and tasks accordingly, create the routines and environment that put you in the right dynamic, in order to maximize your efficiency and create space for other aspects of your life. Tips and tools are useless if you don’t have awareness of what is good or not for you and how you function at your best. This awareness is the ultime tool to develop a fulfilling, balanced and sustainable life.

About the speaker:

Helène Schmit is a French traveller entrepreneur currently based in transforma bcn. She is  a coach and a business mentor and founder of Exploring Happy. Her work takes its roots in her professional experience as a project manager, but with a twist: she uses self-awareness as a core element in her work. This help bring your professional (and personal) life to the next level, in order to help you create a fulfilling, happy and sustainable life.

Her key areas of intervention as a business mentor are complementary: time, energy, and task management, which is the subject of this mini-workshop, but also setting priorities and boundaries, and communicating and working efficiently and in collaboration with others. She also does mentoring and counseling in project building, organisation and planning.

Helène is really happy to share what she has learned through her experiences, or how she calls it, her self-awareness journey.

If you want to discover more about it, come join this interesting talk at transforma bcn!